Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Im the Chef of the Day
There's nothing for my lunch again since im not going anywhere and im lazy enough to go out to get my lunch. Okay, when things like this happened i will usually settled my lunch with instant mee or porridge (the food that i can cook well and simple,lols) Its nice for the first/second or even the third day, but when its getting too often, you lost your appetite. So for today, i thought i can bear the hungry-ness till dinner but too bad, my stomach was "groo'ing" few hours before my dinner. And when im checking out the fridge to search anything that can stuck in my mouth, i saw this left-over rice. Here i come out an idea, to "Fried Rice". lols, it might sounds normal to you, but FYI my fried rice experiment wasnt success every time. It might be too salty or tasteless or whatever. I still remember the first time of my experiment, I pour in soya sause and soya sause pekat cause i thought those brownish of fried rice came like this. The result? No need to guess, FAILED larr.=) But today,ehem,clap for me first *Clapsssssss XD My fried rice looks perfect with perfect taste, muahahaa. And i have this-POP with my lunch, PERFECT!! **Slurrp 
So what's the point for this post?? Aaha, to kill my boredom =X ciao

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