Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Days After Final 5
So here we go, a shopping day out to get ourselves some new apparel ( to be specified is only mine since abby got most of her stuff before this). Before that long-tiring-shopping-activities to be start, we had our brunch. Again Dragon-i it is, haha, its our favourite restaurant at the moment and why? We just cant get rid of the drooling-sizzling-mouthwatering-yummy-ing 'xiu long bao'. You will need to bite a lil to slurp in the juicy juice then you will feel the tastiest richest soup ever flowing in to your mouth. Add some ginger slice and vinegar, stuck in the whole dumpling chew it, eat it and digest it. You will feel like ROAR-ing after that XD

Okay, the next thing, idk is it because of the lunch time, but it doesnt seems pack and i believe they have more than enough of waitress/waiters. I would like to say that they have a poor services. We were asking to take order for like almost 4 times to 4 diff waitress/waiters but no one seems to bother us. They were like just: okay okay.." and walked away then they disappeared. zzz Not to forget, it also took us forever to get our bill and the same thing we were asking several times to several waitress/waiter for bill but we get no response. So, a BIG NONO for their services.

  sien-ness of waiting

After that, we started our shopping spree. I was like: I must get myself at least something today, if not i will kena 99 by abby XDD" I drag her out to accompany me since i not manage to get myself anything few days ago. So Yea. Oh, and as an advice, please do get your best mate/partner out if you really need to shop. 
My definition for best mate: 
1) You will not awkward when you shop with him/her
2) He/She willing to walk with you from north to south, east to west.
3) Someone that will not impatient waiting for you to shop in a shop
4) Someone that will not get annoyed when you ask her which is nice and which is not for like thousand times
5) Someone that will say "of course" when you ask to went back to the particular shop again and again

Thank god, after walking around we found this shop. Then i was like: Ching** and i know i will get something from there. Okay, this is the shop-COTTON ON. I bet it's newly opened in pavi, errr i mean for like couple of months because this is the first time i realize this shop or im blind usually? haha. Its located at the forth floor of Pavilion, few shops beside Forever 21. I personally recommended this shop. They're selling apparel for men and women. Simple and nice but with style. They also have this cute ballerinas kind of shoes and those cool 'Gladiator'. I got almost all of my shirts,dress and even shoes in this one shop since they are having this 2nd item for 50% promotion. Apparently i spent lots of time in this shop according to abby and it doesnt end here, we went sg wang for a while and went back to this shop in pavi for the 2nd round. XD

So go check it out before the promotion end (im not sure when is it but usually till cny) since you have 3 more days before this festival.

So an early wishes from me, Happy CNY and Happy Holidays to all X)

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