Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haha, apparently im in love with stripes, bought 2 outfit with same dark blue with white stripes. Lols,
Stripes, me likey!!

The Days After Final 9 @ The last
This would probably be the last post of The Days After Final as you know we are going to start our sem 3 tomorrow, i mean monday. Im not feeling good with it, NOT GOOD, im still lazy enough to force myself up early in the morning, im still energy-less to drag the myself to walk in the college walk in to class, ewww. So not cool. haha, but at least i spent my holidays to the fullest, erm, quite XD

So, i made this last minute decision day before. Decided to join the primary gathering which held on Saturday. Though there's not really a huge gathering due to not much human attending, but still feel good to meet you guys there=) 
 The girls

The Guys

The Gangs

Just after the gathering, me, krys (the long time no meet buddy) and abby headed to The Curve.

The huge sun is spreading her love unconditionally. Wide shining on everyone and the whole flea market street. I felt summer! *ching, with wide smiley. And it suddenly make me feel like going vacation to Redang, wearing sunnies, loosen up, feel the sunshine, feel the ocean, beat the wave, roar! We must make it success when sem 3 breaks come ya girls! 

While we're snapping pic with this stall that selling flowery hair accessories, suddenly the owner of it came to us: No photo please! roar! haha, nvm, we're fast enough to snap couple of them already before that. XP 

Well, the sun really get us burning. So we doesnt stay long at the open air flea market. Besides, I found that this The Curve flea market is already not as interesting as the days before. We can actually marry-go-round for tons of time last time but this time we just merely check out for one round and not more than 20 min i bet.

Stomach are all starving. Seeing that we're having difficulty of making decision where to dine in, krys brings us to a restaurant which located back of the street.

We are all photographolic. Lols, we can non stop taking pictures anywhere and anytime. But i bet this is what people are doing nowadays right? Cause i heard a family that day during the batu pahat trip, 
The father was like: Mei, help us (he and his wife) to take photo.
(They were showing 'peace sign' with a big smiley =D )
The daughter: Nah, very nice already
The father: Help us to upload to facebook ya..

This little guy kept looking at us while we're taking pictures. Haha, i think he wanted to take pictures as well. So i randomly snap him to fulfill his wants. =)

 Krys and Abby

Poney and Krys

We stop by at the pet house in Ikano for quite sometimes. They have the cutest Pomaranian ever. Roar! We cant stop 'awww'ing when she moving tip-tap-toe and even when she poop. LOLs.

Oh! Are we in somebody house? Nah, we're playing in IKEA, haha, a new playground for us!

Krys: Dine with me anyone? *ngekngek

I was like: Abby, im getting excited to get married, get a new house and buy my new furniture here.
Abby: LOLS

See? We are seriously fooling around XDD We enjoyed it!!

Haha, oh btw, we're not just 'gao gao zan, mou bong can'
Abby really do bought something here XD

She bought home a lil table for her lappie 
Her new place for blogging, msn and fb

So here ends the day, ciao =)

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