Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Babies!
Sem 3 has been started for already one week, lols, that means 6 more weeks to go for our final?!! Ehem, do you mind i list out our reports deadline? =X
*drumming drummmmsss*
Week3 Tamadun Islam Coursework Test
Week4 Tamadun Islam Reports Deadline
Week5 Tamadun Test & Eng Reports Deadline & OHR Reports Deadline
zzz, there's still having eng and ohr coursework test which idk drop on which week, so yea..

Wtp, R.I.P dac-27 and all XD

Okay, im totally lost from my title.=D So, we celebrated these february babies birthday on Wednesday.

Once again, happy birthday!!! oppss, should be happy no more birthday XDD

 Rockin the karaoke room

The Guys 

The Girls

awww, i love this photo of them
Wenise with AngPiu (our beloved class rep XD )

Riko,Willy,Ah Chee,Yu Wei =)

Here comes the singers-ChanPiu and Jessie

With Mua beloved!!

Jiaya-one of the silky hair XDD

With the birthday girl!!

I need to beg them for this pic,hahas
the kecil meows- Jasmin, ZiNing XD

Seng Yong, the course rep with Ethan

So lastly our group photo =)

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