Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Days After Final 6 @ cny
Itsss the second day of our very cny. So according to our family tradition, we'll off to hometown which is Melacca. To be accurate, its my moms' and bros' hometown since they were born there but not me. As usual set off early in the morning to avoid those woolala jamming cases.

I filled my stomach with a tomyam cupmee from one of the petrol station. And my mom here goes again: Are you eating a cupmee for ur breakfast?? hahaha, nahh, who cares XD  All i know is it slurrrpp. After around an hour plus ( enough for me to have some sleep and get really awake ), here we reached The-Hot-Oven-Melacca.

We first stop by a temple to pay some respect to our ancestors. Spotted the sunshine? Roar, its really HOT! like a sizzling hot plate and we were the poor thing that burning on it. Myhaircanburnanytimeifthereispieceofmirrororglasearound. Not to forget, there's something happened that really burst my tears out laughing (okay, sounds exaggerate). My brother cant read chinese actually, so there is a sign board written "化元宝---->这里". It's showing the direction of place to burn "yun bou" but he ask me: Is this the way to the toilet? LOLS

So, whats next? Headed to the grandma/uncle and some close relatives house. Oh mama, here began my boring-doring-zoring-'wonderful' day while my mom and else started their interesting-old-folks-story XDD They can never boring talking gossiping the same-constant-similar-whatever story every year. Lols, the younger generation like us can be suffer but okay, i cant deny that their story is quite entertaining sometimes. Holy mama, i don care im annoyed or what since i had complaint about it several times in fb and mentioned it earlier in this post, buttttt i have to say it again ITS SO TERRIBLE HOTTTT AND I CAN SWEAT LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS EVEN IM SEATING STILL DOING NOTHING AND JUST WEARING A SINGLET AND SHORTS!! 

p/s: As what had i observed today along the highway, I have to admit ladies driver can be very unintelligent ( i have no better words to describe ) sometimes while they are driving. LOLS, okay so do i maybe XP

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