Friday, February 5, 2010

The Days After Final 4
Wed 3/2 
Girls outing. The main purpose is to get some new year stuff. 
You know, it then just became our excuses to shop XD 
Butttt, i didn even get myself single piece of top.
Idk why, nothing seems to be nice.
Black,Gray,White are those only colours i like
Or mayb dark colours
NO Sharp Pink, NO Yellow, NOnono
So yea, when i bought home a black top
My mom will like: Why black again?
Me: Only black nice
Mom: Its cny. And those top you get seems almost the same because its all BLACK/WHITE 
And the same sentence will come out from abby when we shop:
"You know? You're too picky."  ROAR!!!

*Wanted to dye my hair again, ussshh
*Gonna get the heels that i saw that day, abby,out again!!! XD
**Be nice =)
**Mama mia

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