Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Facts About Mua Hair
1) My hair drop like a cancer patient whenever i wash my hair alternate days, is normal to drop hair every single time you wash them, so it just accumulating the hair loss. I wonder how would it looks like if i wash my hair 10 days after?
2) I am stupid enough to drip the shampoo into my eyes and cause eyes infection but my mom keep blaming that it's cause by my lens, zzz nothing to do with it at all. Perhaps i should shampoo with Johnson and Johnson No Tears Solution? XD
3) I hate when my hair is in a perfect condition but im just staying at home and it came to be a bad hair day when there's special occasion. Who to show?
4) A good hair day makes my day =)
5) I born with a thick, bushy hair

6) Once, i ask my mom to cut off my bangs, i thought those long bangs came in this way-with no bangs LOL
7) I cry whenever my brother teasing me for my idiot-look-alike hair cut during those primary times.
8) I had this bad experience which i spent few hundreds for my hairdo but it came out suck, like REAL SUCK!!! Screw the hairstylist
9) Is embarrassing to tell but my hair had these stupid fleas problem when i were a kid for few times that i had no idea how and where i get it. *Kutu mari tangkap kutu*
10) Im currently working as a shampoo brand ambassador

Random enough**

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