Friday, August 21, 2009

hmmm.. nothing much, just feel like bugging here.took my nap for almost 3 hours + just now yet im now to final almost arrive-sem1 almost ended-holidays coming-sem 2 started ( i bet i mentioned it a number of times)cant believe everything happened so darn fast 'phew~~' time passed just like that without giving u notice and seems i was just settled myself down with all those col stuffs
duh, time ticking....tick tick tick perhaps done something that will make u satisfied is a good choice for leaving ur foot-print behind? so yea, im so into drama series now. watching one episod, one season , one series after another woo~ at least i done the so called 'SOMETHING'
sports day tomorrow kinda hmmm,indescribable feelings (none maybe...) donno what will exactly running tomorrow. seriously 'torture' by mr ng tomorrow?? nah, told u when im still in piece after tomorrow..hahas okay, continue my drama, ciao

i miss those days, when im smiling truly from the heart

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