Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, 2nd August

Attended my formal club- krs's farewell in the early morning. yeap, just a word, good job guys..
and headed to klcc with abby, nelson and his sis AGAIN for the pc fair then. abby managed to bought her new lappie. hoho, happy girl. we are almost fainted inside the pc fair, super duper crowded with people, packing packing with each other and burgers were processing everywhere.. im truly exhausted after it and drop into sleep status after my dinner.. XD


Monday, 3rd August

The gym day. back with hurts and wounds on the hands and legs. we are all suffering with those pains of muscles and hurts. get through it guys! =) cafe,jusco, old town after then. abby really appetite with some kind of reason XDD chill at their house and sent abby to col and and im now at home.. so yea, as usual nap needed after this.. ^^

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