Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a day

Let me take a deep breath before i start.okay, first col sports day.yes, im still in piece but with hurts.the 'torturing activities'-jungle tracking (yeap no doubt, tarc is huge enough to having jungle inside for u to track) we miss the way for a few times, walking round and round inside+stepped 'mosquito hive' every single step u walk.after 40+min i think if not mistaken, we managed to came out n go for the next station.after one another, rainfalls and we guys run up n down on a 'lil hill' under the wind,rain for 10 word-EXHAUSTED
Next, 'daringly' drive to wenise house without recognize the way. yea, of cause she sat beside me to direct the way when going, but back?? hmm hmm~tell u next. okay, did some revision there and headed 'gei dak sek' for dinner.

highly recommended-mango ice
And now the story began,i drove back from kepong with abby. we are actually back with a 'words map' written by wenise. the lil paper was our only guide==we miss a turn and that lead us to genting+kuantan highway, tol station was just infront us!!! luckily..luckily..abby quick enough to ask me turn the other way, if not im now on the way to genting?? and with road signs and wenise guide in the phone,lastly we escape from the 'genting' and reached home SAFELY.
ARRGGGHH!! really scares me. duh, i admit, im damn darn idiot in direction. XD
thats all, a torturing, tiring, frightening and blessing day. god bless me

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