Sunday, October 17, 2010

So thats the trend few days ago, everyone was talking about Sushi King Bonanza and of course we would not missed it. :p We reached early that day so we went for Tako-tao to kill time.

and so say hi to the long queue though the shop was just about to open for business. 

Luckily we need not to wait long but too bad they shorten the eating time which is from 1hr to 40 mins :(
Jas, the salmon freak. She ate 4-5 plates of it i guess =O

We did not ate much due to the limited choices they have for the sushi. 

And i only ate 3 plates in total, like LOL?

Say hi! They came after us. And abby had sushi king for 3 days continuously. crazy :P

Finally i get myself a sushi king member card. Rm20 for the registration which comes with a calender, a sushi king bowl and a Rm20 cash voucher. Great enough! =)

So happened that it was wednesday. We went baskin AGAIN lol. They should have this member cards for baskin also.

The next day after early class, went for our favourite dimsum

Has been a while we did not eat big apple. I guess ms jiaya the donuts queen missed them lots! =D
Iceberg is always mua love!!

Chill @ Oldtown to kill the 4 hrs break between classes. Suck timetable we have for this semester tsktsktsk

 Lol were watching tvb dramas but we look like we were watching horrors. Ha! I guess we should utilize the break time so we should study next week wink. *listen first*

Okay guess i had gained weight =X Sowie for the food post again, please bear it, more food post to come haha!

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