Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love us cause we love food!

So basically this is all about food AGAIN. What we've eaten for the past week. Blame the long breaks which like 4 hrs among classes -.- What else to do besides eat, so yea =)

It was wednesday which linked to the Baskin the pink day :) so here we went for baskin!

And snowflakes for desert after desert! lol

Still,i prefer coco loco :)


To fulfill our mcshaker crave

Like who doesnt like Mcshaker :P

 We like to shake it shake it! Thanks mcd for the Mcvalue lunch, my life now is full of mcd which is so tsktsktsk -.-

 We went for chinese food on a random day

And this super big wok Millwheel Ice after it

Tak habis-habis i know :P

ps: ningning is a great photographer! 

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