Tuesday, June 8, 2010

See, im getting lazy to blog. Hows life? Normal Ordinary Nothing special. Trying to put efforts for college, Fight for work. After the twisties game booth that i worked for last weekend, i noticed that work can be fun too. haha. thanks June for being a great partner, nice to work with you (only if u read this) 

Oh! one thing i realize about college. Why there's so much students stuffing inside the library now at a so ordinary hour in a so ordinary day huh? Sho unsual scene! There's even not enough place for our bags, bags were throwing all over the floor, no jokes, even pack than the so called final examination season. zzz

Okay, this was a belated belated post. A little birthday celebration for the birthday boy a day before his big day. The Summer steamboat buffet restaurant seems to leave us a good impression after our first visit, simply because of their unlimited supplies of chicken wings, so here we go again S-U-M-M-E-R. Woots!

  This reminds me Abby almost eaten a RAW CRAB! Sashimi Crab she likey,lol =X

Arrr, i miss this honeydew ice cream. Where can i get this? ='(

Shows that im getting wider, haha!

Thought of catching up a movie but due to some circumstances, we went back our place to chill. A new place-Downtown definitely is a recommended place for chilling. Nice environment, Nice food, Reasonable price and Friendly waiter/waitress.

It was located at the Business Park, Sri Rampai.

Great photos from DSLR. but im too dumb to use it, so forget about being one of the DSLR user, haha!

Woots! A perfectly presented ice cream peanut butter toast bread ordered by me!

and guess what

An ewww leftover destroyed by me also! X) 
Master of Art i am, LOL

How many of you would actually slow down your footsteps to just give the sunset a gaze?
Sunset is not ending your day but welcoming your next sunrise

-I Love When Food Comes in Buffet Style-

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