Monday, June 21, 2010

Outdated from the network social world for almost 3 days. My broadband officially dead in sudden with no reasons. All the way to Maxis broadband center @ KLCC, spent few hours sitting and waiting just hope to get things solve but Nothing They Can Do! At last the solution they gave me was to terminate it and asked me to register a new line to get a new broadband. Fine, i terminated it and say bye with maxis broadband, no more maxis broadband in my life, they really give me problems. So now i would attached to Streamyx. Hopefully things settled asap, i cant really survive without internet, seriously. -.-

As usual, midterm test, presentation are things that bugging us now. Luckily there's not much assignment to do for this semester cause i really hate it lots.

Woots! but there's always something that able to make my day =) We always love food.

Newly designed donuts from Big Apple that dressed like sushi which named as Donashi!  
Sho Cute!

The little donuts with the cream fillings was quite nice to me. Not to forget the chocolate sauce which makes perfect for the chocolate lover. But too bad it only comes in 28 pieces/ 18 pieces which means you would need to have at least 4 person to finish it up. Why don they sell like smaller portion? =(  its too large for me if im the only one who craving for it, 20 pieces worrr, how to finish? -.-

" Mushi Mushi.. Oh My Donashi" It rhymes! =D

Photo credited to Wenise Ng X)


and finally i get this Mcd-Coca cola Contour Glass, purple colour somemore!

FIFA Rockss! Though i don watch football at all =X

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