Tuesday, June 9, 2009

im tired
poney need some recharge
my leg muscle was extremely pain today
due to yesterday's gym workout
3 of us keep complaining our PAIN
especially when we climbing down the stairs
yea.. its climbing DOWN the stairs,
seriously Pain!!
as i said
im tired
tired of walking around col
tired of holding my beg that full of notes
tired of my mind keep spinning with the things that i need to do next
tired of my lazyness
tired cause i still don hav any idea about the HE assign
seems like its all physical thingy that i mentioned
but im truly mentally TIRED
sometimes i wanna to be special
like not just the odinary girl that i used to be
i need braveness
i need strength
i need support
..to not hiding myself anymore
poney need to stand out
can i?
my dear ms wenise keep telling me the same thing these days
"don forced urself,don scare to be alone,
make a right choose,the right 'he'.."
ya..i will
sometimes i wonder
why cant my idea just poop out easily when im writing essays or journal as i writing my blog
need to continue my restaurant city

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