Monday, June 8, 2009

being a while didn update my bloggie
blow away the dust in my blog

first of all,
bring along a good news
im now same group with my ms wenise ^^
and my group was not bad
most of them are quite nice
so group c-27, all the best..

me and ms wenise didn have any classes today
we hav to attend the gym class
abby,wenise & me enrol into the gym section for our coco

truly exhausted@@
only after some simple exercise,
my sweat was just like flowing non stop
but after all its cool.. ^^

and after the gym class,
both of them headed to my house
see what they did in my house@@
2 siao po XDD

kesian lil ms abby leave my house bout 3
she have to attend for her class till 8pm
sayang nia *3*
i sleep while wenise playing the restaurant city on the facebook

oh ya~
im now desperately addicted into facebook now
its extremely FUN.. ^^

gotta get some nap again
and complete my tutor exercise

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