Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Was lunch @ Tenji yesterday. Had a great afternoon with all the foods and them along. The food was great, they have variety choices, from fresh sashimi, to fried tempura then colorful sushi even western pizza steamboat choc fountain shark fin soup herbal soup...... Too much to list out, these are only 1/50 they have i perhaps =X The environment was cozy, but i wish they have a rest area with couch for us to rest when we're resting for 2nd and 3rd round. LOL cause we were so sleepy after stuffing all the food in LMAO

This was my first time trying oyster. It was..acceptable for me, i dont know i actually like the taste LOL

So lets start with the food!
The first LOVE! We actually had 5 plates of this, no joke. Its yummy =)

Japanese style steamboat with seafood

Wu Dong Noodles

Woots! Freshie Oyster

We had western as well, spaghetti

Variety choices of pizza


 Refreshing Coconut, i had 2 of this =D

Herbal Soup

And for dessert,  they served Baskin, Haegen, Kindori for icecream. They do served cakes, pudding as well.

Aww, look at this, is Chocolate Fountain!

Thats all for the food pictures, we were too busy eating. Oh! Credited to Wenise cam for the pictures, i seriously need a semi-pro =( 


-Tenji is in my list now-

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