Friday, November 27, 2009

Thurs, 26 Nov
Outing with Abby and Alex after my class.Done our shopping session, thanks Alex for being so patient, its not a easy job to acc girls when they're shopping around, hahas. and Abby saying that im being much more 'yim zim',hardly to get myself a new stuff *wondering. Stopped by Station Kopitiam for chilling

i asked them to pose in same way, cute mou?

with smile and with not

spectie abby

A sudden decision, we went 4 season for second round chilling in the evening

oh yea, feel the cool in winter section

the so-called 一网打尽
and we were joking with it XDD

Santa Claus is coming to town..

commits suicide-ing

The night is still young, we went Wangsa Walk which is a new opening mall. TGV please open as soon as possible, im gonna catch up movie whenever i wantXD Ate a crispy banana chocolate which make my stomach full like hell. And plans haven end, we went carrefour due to abby wanna to get a mirror. hahas, im totally out of energy went im back around 10.Thats all for the day.

As normal, 2 assign and a eng group presentation to be settle. I gotta feeling, that my day gonna be a busy day~ ciao

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