Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lassie Girlie birthday celebration for the october babies. Outed with whole class of girls in our the way, Happy Birthday Girls..

Mummy is unwell recently, almost admitted to hospital yesterday midnight. it happened once when she get denggi few years back, she admitted to hospital and i cant even sleep without her and cried in the midnight feeling so helpless (FYI, i sleep with my mom). and again for yesterday, my tears drop uncontrollably when she told me she feeling so sick and need to go for hospital. knocking my brothers room door, packing clothes for my mom, telling myself need to be strong and not to tears anymore. my emotion once burst again when she went in to the emergency consultation room while my bro touched my head asked me not to cry. the 40 mins in the hospital was a hardtime for me, i don even wanna say a word. but at last, mummy was given a doze of injection and told to admit to hospital if she is still not well after that injection. she's back to home and felling much more better. im still worry, im still affraid. i love you and i don wanna to lose you.

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