Tuesday, June 23, 2009

when there was effortless, gaining will be far apart
ya.. effortless is the best word to describe me now
wonder should life being that USUAL that UNCHANGE that ORDINARY?
the same mode of life making me boring
nothing new making me felt frustrated
something in my mind that wanted me to done it,
yet something so call laziness pulling me away from the NEED TO DO
cant living in such an aimless life
GET A LIFE,poney
somehow i think i need to aim something for myself to succeed
at least some satisfaction make my daily life full filled
not being emo larrr.. doesn't it make sense?
dull life proceed a dull me XDDD

oh ya..gym for thursday again
kinda love gym now

oh,betty seem like not that 'ugly' compare to season 1 huh?
i like betty, always being so herself

okay.. gotta stop blabla-ing here
brb in mayb tomorrow or whatever XDD

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