Monday, June 29, 2009

nop.. i don think so
yet i wish that god kind enough to give me some kind of superior ability.. hahaha
but hey, don we can predict or in other word, we can feel something right?
like whats going to happen or else,hmmm...
your heart or mind sometime do giving you a kind of clue, and u probably will get it when u're 'hearing' them
the clue or prediction had given you youself a mindsets
and when its really happening, your deep heart kinda just "i knew it" but you still felt shock in person (when its come something 'bad' or surprises)
after all, my point is DO believe what your heart tells
and the clue might guiding u through a better ending?
who knows.....

my ankles are seriously suffer in painess
broken my ankle while gym-ing?
LOL.. recover bah~

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