Friday, June 19, 2009

Heart Mending

"You are worth loving. You have a lot to offer the right person but right now your not ready. You still have so much to figure out and right now its about reconnecting with who you really are. Its not fair to you or the other person to try and invest your time in something that will not work out. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have hope in the near future... it just means you still have growing up to do. You are unique, you have the ability to love tremendously but in order to share that with anyone you must first heal, spend time on your own, and learn to enjoy single life. Take this time to breathe and regroup... I promise you... finding yourself isn't a cliche, its real- and once you have, you will create a love that will never be broken."


its a result of a test that i took from fb
maybe some of u guys thinks that shouldn't take it seriously on those test
but this one, really mean into my heart
its saying all i need to do is to figure out myself in this moment
ya.. abby said so as well
she said im not ready in a new relationship yet
sometimes its kinda a weird feeling
i know its ridiculous
its complicated for having a relationship for years
like u have a guy to rely
u loving someone
u trusting someone..
but all in a sudden, u are alone
its just like missing a piece of puzzle in my life
i cant deny
i totally lost at that moment
im desperate,im lifeless
i close myself from everyone that time
all i know is to cry
i daydream,i lost appetite,its awful
maybe its sounds like so dramatic, but its all seriously happened
flashing back that moment, i wouldn't thought that im idiot
in fact, i take it seriously
its a progress, its a step for me to grow
issues seem keep happening even after the break,
it just keep dragging me into it again
again, im climbing up step by step
for now, im not pulling myself away
when faith come u cant deny
im proud of myself
i wouldn't regret
life is all yours, turn regret to a lesson to make your life more beautiful
thanks god for bringing me my mom and 2 gorgeous girls(they knows who they are)
they protect me, they love me, they mean a lots to me
truely appreciate..
just to throw out the thoughts that deep inside my heart, im good for now.. ^^

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