Sunday, April 26, 2009

first of all,
really wanna to thanks two girls
they really a planner
im actually didn expect anything
all i needed was their company on my birthday
SUPRISES keep bumping out!!
1st, they date me on time 1.30
but actually they reach earlier on 11 something to plan all the surprise
2nd, my 18 birthday cake
3rd, ling noticed that i wishing to having THE BRACELET
and know what? they present it with my name 'PONEY'
oh my god
they were just giving the suprises
step by STEP @@
really thanks you girls..
hard to express my feelings
like thousands of thanks
really touch ^^
just guess
we're just expert in cam whoring
almost 120++ in only 1 day ==
oh god!!

the nini

the ling

their present.. thanks, love it~



lol~ in the ladies a.k.a toilet





and last but not least,

this is fromm my dearest ABBY


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