Wednesday, April 1, 2009

me.Ms elaine

off yesterday AGAIN
it just seems like i only updating my blog during my off
wahahaha XD

this girl-elaine working last day yesterday
she going to LEAVE ME ALONE T.T
met her in pavilion about 8.30pm
met jenson in sg wang bout 9pm
reach sherman house bout 9 something
anddd we went happy season
im the one who decide it
wahahaha XD
its a far place for them
since they all are staying near cheras
plus i didn went there before as well
four season:
food=quite expensive
environment=not bad,especially the winter side
so cool~ but we didn manage to sat there due to the 2 guys r smoking kaki
on the way back,
they keep storying 'guai gu' -ghost stories
Lol Lol Lol ==

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