Tuesday, March 17, 2009

yesterday visited kai yee n her little boy again
little boy name jackson
little jackson already full month==
it just seems like we just when to visit them last week nia

he was already damn sleepy
but still not willing to close his eyes and sleep
cause he heard our voice chatting
kai yee mummy said he's a 8 GONG
JACKSON, are u 8 gong?? XD
i managed to cuddle him for a while
he looks lik crying after that
cute little boy

went to klcc then
by right we planned to watch movie
but because of bowyi
and bowyi because of mr e
our movie been CANCEL==
but nvm
at least she still ate sakae sushi with us
but she left so soon
because of mr e again TT
bowyi,so shui la u..... TT
what i ate

siao coupleXD lol~~

bowyi,THE wenise

left me,abby n alex 3 zi gong

so we went starbucks have a drink n chat

kesian alex,he actually wanted to order cold cappucino

but that ngong ngong punya barista make him a hot cappucino==

alex going to burst when he notice about that..hahaXD