Wednesday, March 11, 2009


miss my dearest
finally we met
first time we really planned our 'journey' a day before
such efficient.. no time wasting..haha
k room--->booked
movie tickets----->booked

we went to sing-k for our 1st station
we're acting crazy in there ==
change language version for the songssss
when we are singing 劲歌金曲-by leo ku,
we keep changing the lyric's language
when it suppose to sing in mandarin, we sang it in cantonese
n vice versa ==
we're laughing like sam pat po
laugh sampai lat nga
laugh sampai stomach pain


THE wenise

THE abby

3 of usss

us y my face so chubby==

cam-whoring in ladies
haha.. TOILET will be a must "next station" for all the girls ,right??

tak kena ke??

abby being crazy ==

my turn being crazy XD

our next station
movie at pavillion
love matters-by jack neo
laugh until lat nga==
sooo funny
malaysian+singaporean boleh!!!

After that,
we had our dinner at wong kok

my dinner--白汁猪扒炬饭

siapa ni?? cantiknYa~~

shopping time
i wanted to buy many things actually due to i just get my salary XD
but ended up,
i just bought
a sling bag
a pair of flip flop
a belt
and some beauty needs

hated the pimples scars on my face
when will u all dissapeared???!!!

oh ya!!
we've played something call the mouth of truth

something like fortune teller
as a result,
its quite accurate

oh no!!!
10 hours more to go before i get my SPM result
nervous? panic?
hmm~~ not really
its quite a confused feeling
i hope it won't ended up by dissapointed